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Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Pa. Airbag-Fraud Bill Would Help Knock out Knockoffs

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Pa. Airbag-Fraud Bill Would Help Knock out Knockoffs

Coalition urges state Senate passage to protect consumers from shady body shops


Making airbag scams a specific crime in Pennsylvania will save lives and deal a blow to insurance scams, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud has urged the state senate majority leader.


“Airbags protect us from serious injuries or worse. We rightfully expect they will protect us during crashes. The use of counterfeit or non-functional airbags jeopardizes that expectation,” director of government affairs Howard Goldblatt wrote Sen. Jake Corman.


HB 1476 cleared the state Senate Finance Committee this week, and faces a vote on the full Senate floor. The Coalition urged swift passage.


Motorists face a serious safety peril. Knockoffs generally won’t open properly in a crash. Drivers have died and been injured in crashes involving non-functioning counterfeits or fraudulently removed airbags. Knockoffs also spewed shrapnel and flames at crash dummies in federal tests.


Dishonest body shops can easily buy knockoffs on the black market or mainstream sites such as eBay or Craigslist. Counterfeits cost just a few dollars, though shady body shops charge auto insurers $1,000 or more for legitimate manufacturer originals.


“The ethically challenged repair shop thus pockets a large and illegal profit. This is insurance fraud against the consumer and insurer, helping keep premiums higher for honest drivers in Pennsylvania,” Goldblatt wrote.


Thirteen states have made airbag fraud a specific crime in recent years. HB 1476 would add similar protections for Pennsylvania consumers, Goldbatt wrote.


A Chinese national named Dai Zhensong tried to flood the U.S. with fake airbags made in his factory in China. They looked like legitimate models from mainstream carmakers. His airbags spewed shrapnel onto crash dummies in federal tests.


Thousands of airbags made it to the U.S. Many could’ve been installed on vehicles. Zhensong’s network was dismantled and he received 37 months in federal prison.


“HB 1476 will help protect Pennsylvania consumers from counterfeit airbags and the public-safety problems they pose,” Goldblatt wrote.

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Your Biggest Source of Trouble and Anxiety (Part Four)

Meir Ezra - As we have covered in Parts 1-3, the greatest barrier to your success is not the economy, your work habits or your opportunities. Your greatest source of stress is not money or the weather or any physical thing.


The biggest source of business problems, career difficulties and personal stress is antisocial people-people who are devious, mean-spirited, cruel, hostile or negative. People who openly or secretly oppose you, cut you down and cause you trouble.


When you handle or disconnect from an antisocial person, you feel better. You relax. You succeed more than you fail. You have less to fight on your way to your goals.


The first four ways to identify an antisocial person were covered in Parts 1-3. All three parts are posted at our new website at www.tipsforsuccess.org/success-articles.htm

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En översyn av Arizona Training & Evaluation Center (AZTEC Group) 36 år inom Fastighetsskötsel

AZTEC, or the Arizona Training & Evaluation Center , is a non-profit charity that provides good programs and services to hundreds of children and adults with developmental disabilities in different communities in Arizona ochomgivande areas in Avondale, Glendale, Maryvale, Peoria and Surprise.


Because of the organization's continuous growth and development planerarAZTEC to expand its operations in certain Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Tokyo, Japan.


Since its inception, has AZTEC group of outstanding commitment to toachieve their mission of "Partnership highlights opportunities thruPerson-Centered living and employment" (people). The organization has enmängd of programs and services, including regular educational activities, employment services, residential services and support, recreation shuttle,.


AZTEC reached many achievements in serving the people medfunktionshinder to engage actively in order to determine where and how they live, learn and work. Also, according to some reviews of different groups in Arizona, AZTEC group could really give all the support for disabled people to be happy, independent and successful in life.


Adult Services software


This program offers individualized training in independent living, life skills, social and community awareness and social development ofpeople older than 18 years old. AZTEC focuses on education människormed disabilities to become more independent and provides learning opportunities through integrated recreation and leisure activities.


Older Adults Program


This program provides educational and therapeutic activities centered on older social and psychological and physical needs. AZTEC know that seniors enjoy avstimulerande and fun activities like arts and crafts, bingo, ochdeltagande in integrated operations offered by local senior centers, That is why they give great importance to developing a comfortable and safe environment for them.


Employment Office


Aztecs employment services provide opportunities that give individuals a meaningful education-related activities and training experiences. These services can be provided in a center-based workshops or community-based workplace. The program aims attförbereda people with disabilities to have an independent employment experience in the least restrictive setting. Once a person has developed sufficient skills and can work independently, AZTEC helps attutveckla a job in the community where staff support means that individual to keep and perform their job.